H Beam

H Beam

H Beam


  • Industrial plants
  • Steel bridges
  • Railway

Category: Wide Flange

High-Quality H-Beams — Steel Supplier Philippines – South Central

Heavy-duty construction work requires more structural reinforcement than regular I-beams can offer. For projects with high structural loads, like high-rises and bridges, engineers prefer H-beams. The thicker cross-section and wider flanges allow for better weight distribution across larger areas compared to I-beams.

Because of the additional load that they are expected to support, H-beams are expected to not only be long-lasting and rust-proof, but are also durable enough for regular use. With so many producers and distributors on the market however, it can be hard to pick. After all, you have to look for an H-beam supplier that can offer the best quality products that are guaranteed to last and can support even the heaviest loads.

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